What Would I Say? A Story In Generated Facebook Posts


Generated Facebook posts from April Bradley’s Facebook page by What Would I Say?

My story is rolling in.

Viper rings hot as a sweetie. . .

Well, we just wait until I come back to manage mental illness in the context wrong post right?

Me and slobbered all sorts on the child together. Thanks lab test lady.

Or maybe this may be simply inspired.

Going back from New Haven so Jen can see the bay filled with her immortality looks like the Berlin Wall came down, and Henry and I’ll never find Sunny again.

I forgot the thief shouldn’t be Peter’s hand in Denmark that following summer

It’s a awful week.

I’d have that she made literary widows of chocolate bars. We ran out but only once.

It was a wasp nest says I have no warning they had.

You’ll be working with flashlights, camouflaged in Connecticut, town social network that requires a miserable there during the winterlike Jude The Obscure miserable.

I’ll look into more cliche. She could work.

That’s a time period of sex. At Harper’s, The Atlantic or means intelligence, reasoning ability, etc…

I’m really torn between the establishment of paperback depravity until after Labor Day

The best wishes to stop humiliating herself.

I forgot about the Bell Witch & me this year thanks, Wonder Wendy!

It’s a delicate balance.

I forgot about the house, or how bargain wet cat food retains its shape because of you

I’ll look two pints of chocolate with that Walden, which was the done thing.

You can raise identical topics at the news was released prior to that?!

I’ll look her litter in the cords. Sounds fantastic it sounds like, as an eerie indoor breeze.

It was clear as a Cannon. Sniff.

Nothing like an upright image that popped off.

Editing I will soon lose daylight. The reading ring at all.

Mocking sunshine while we had so Peter and forth and Laveau can form vs Cause. The only virtue.

It was ten years with a thing, think I am working off at preschool if I’m not the proper spelling of lateblooming debut mystery, Every Contact Leaves A Trace, by the way, the screen door option, I wasn’t looking for it, so Peter and Henry were just going to that?!

I forgot all for the vegetable drawer for me, but over the CDC and WHO wonder if a clutch of them anyway, just awful.

I’m reading this collection of short of prying off the google exists, right?

I forgot the stat in the publishing stories from women who have voted every three years isn’t so much for more interesting. Poo.

She actually working on a tiltawhirl. I want colleges and this day and postapocalyptic don’t know how to mark him and a bit more it’s not a regular client.

The best response to all NaNo writers on the liberation of millions of women.

The best is going to work out feminism, communication, a sense of Billy & Mandy.

I’ve been reading so I’m doing it

You can pour gasoline on this first part-time job at the point now a low cost plagiarism/content checker to hide your way.

This is an audit.

It’s a clutter or insulinshock therapy while pregnant that everyone has settled down, all the luck in a small mercy.

I can’t grow anything but death.

The best stuff just flows.

*“What would i say?” automatically generates Facebook posts that sound like you! Technically speaking, it trains a Markov Bot based on mixture model of bigram and unigram probabilities derived from your past post history. Don’t worry, we don’t store any of your personal information anywhere. In fact, we don’t even have a database! All computations are done client side, so only your browser ever sees your post history. The results are often hilarious (and sometimes nonsensical) — it all depends on what you’ve written on Facebook.” What Would I Say, About page, http://what-would-i-say.com/about.html


2 thoughts on “What Would I Say? A Story In Generated Facebook Posts

    1. I wish I could take more credit, but all I really did was provide years of posts, formatting and the quick arrangement of the selected generated ones. It’s annoying that the bot program managed to create something more interesting in fifteen minutes than I could have in hours and hours, if at all. But, it was fun! And, I’ve not really showed that part of myself here while I’ve been trying to figure out the whole blogging thing. Give it a whirl. It’s worth the laughs at any rate. 🙂

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