Publications, et cetera


Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction

2017 “Little Wake” CHEAP POP Forthcoming April 27.

2017 Voices Contributor.  (b)oink Issue 1, January.

2016 “Heretic.” NANO Fiction. Volume 10.1: THE END. (Fall 2016).

2016 “Thunderbird.” Blue Fifth Review. Fall Quarterly – (Fall 2016 / 16.12). 6 December.

2016 “Acetone Smells Like Death.” The Airgonaut. December 1.

2016 “The Queen of Wisconsin.” Flash Frontier: An Adventure in Short Fiction. November: BIRDS. 19 November.

2016 “What Will We Do Will All This Grief.” Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, November 7.

2016  “An Oresteia In Nashville.” Sicklit Magazine. September 6.

2016 “Lambkins.” SickLit Magazine. July 27.

2016 “A Mermaid’s Purse Is Also Called A Devil’s Pocketbook.” FlashFlood An International Flash Fiction Journal. 25 June

2016  “The Windows of All Saints’ Tudley.” Five Pure Slush Vol. 10. Ed. Matt Potter. Pure Slush Books (Magill, Australia).

2016 “Demigods Pray For Rain.” Best Of Boston Literary Magazine Volume One. Boston: Big Table Publishing.

2015 “Corpse Dress.” Flash Frontier: An Adventure in Short Fiction. December Micro Issue. 31 December.

2015 “Demigods Pray For Rain.” Boston Literary Magazine. Fall. Nominated for the 2017 Pushcart Prize.

2015 “A Conspiracy of Women.” Southern Women’s Review. Volume 8, Issue 8. 19 March.

2015 “A Mermaid’s Purse Is Also Called A Devil’s Pocketbook.” Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal. Issue 6. 7 January. Nominated for the Sundress Publications Best Of The Net 2015.

2014 “Tales From Serendipity: Miss Congeniality.” Narratively. 18 August.

2013 “Brittle Sisters.” Thrice Fiction: Number 9. 21 December.

2013 “Thieving Magpies.” Dew on the Kudzu. 28 September.

Essay, Craft, and Criticism

2017 “ProWritingAid: A Useful Tool For Many Types Of Writing.” Writing Helping Writers. Resident Writing Coach Program. March 16.

2017 “Pacing and Momentum In Revision.” Writing Helping Writers. Resident Writing Coach Program. January 17.

2016 “Finding Your Way Into A Story.” Writing Helping Writers. Resident Writing Coach Program, Oct 18.

2016 “The Temporal Art of Flash.” Smokelong Quarterly Blog Why Flash Fiction? Series. 22 September.

2016  Contributing Editor in “Our Favorite Short Stories, Part 2, Author, Editor & Publisher Picks.” The Spark. The Alternating Current Press Blog + Journal. 31 May

2016 “Journey To Planet Write: Flash Time.” Words in Place. 8 March.

2015 “Developing Character Through Movement and Gesture.” Flash Fiction Chronicles. 3 July & Bartleby Snopes Writing Blog. 20 November.

2015 “Explain Once Upon A Time In 50 Words.” Symposium. Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal. Issue 6. 2 February.


Episode 33: Boston Literary Magazine and Big Table Publishing Collaboration. Rocky Mountain Revival Audio Art Journal. 10 December, 2015.

A Mermaid’s Purse Is Also Called A Devil’s Pocketbook.” Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal. Issue 6. 7 January 2015. Soundcloud.

Reviews & Interviews

2016 “Looking at Bartleby Snopes A Talk with April Bradley & Nathaniel Tower.” Bath Flash Fiction Award. 31 May.

2016 “Interview With Jayne Martin for Women Who Flash Their Lit.” Bartleby Snopes Writing Blog. March 18.

2016 “Degani, Fish, Reno, and Stohlman F-Bomb Women Who Flash Their Lit.” Bartleby Snopes Writing Blog. March 17.

2016 “An Interview with Gay Degani, Author of Rattle Of Want.” Bartleby Snopes Writing Blog. February 14.

2015 “Books To Read, Books To Give, Women Who Flash Their Lit.”  Bartleby Snopes Writing Blog. December 21.

2015 “Women Who Flash Their Lit Series.” Bartleby Snopes Writing Blog. November 17.

2015 “So My Mother, She Lives in the Clouds: Christopher D. DiCicco (Contributor Series Interview Series #8)Bartleby Snopes Writing Blog, November 12.

2015 “It is a Joy to Fall Into a Powerfully Rendered Story.” The Review Review. 30 June.

2015 “Terpischore’s Atrium with April Bradley.” The Booth. 23 June & Oct 24.

2014  Holt, Joseph. “Lit Zine Showcases Innovative Fiction and Fine Artwork Review of Thrice Fiction, Winter 2013.” The Review Review. April 6.


2017 April 4      Sewanee Spoken Word, The Blue Chair, Sewanee, Tennessee, along with Kimberly Casey, Lynn Cimini-Hurt, Emari DiGiorgio, Judyth Hill, Jeanne Treadway, and Rebecca Wells.

2016  December 17.    F-Bomb NYC. KGB Bar, New York, New York, along with Gessy Alvarez, Paul Beckman, John Anthony Berbrich, Craig Fishbane, John Gorman, and Julie Turley

2016 July 19      2nd Annual Flash Fiction Festival.  The Mercury Cafe, Denver, Colorado, along with Christopher Bowen, David Atkinson, Mathias Svalina, Nancy Stohlman, Sally Reno, Kona Morris, Kathy Fish, Hillary Leftwich, Nick Morris…and so many!

Residencies, Honors & Awards

Rivendell Writers’ Colony, April, 2017

Resident Writing Coach, Writers Helping Writers, 2016-2017

The Pushcart Prize 2017 Nomination in Fiction, Boston Literary Magazine, Editor-In-Chief Robin Stratton, for “Demigods Pray For Rain.” 2016.

Rivendell Writers’ Colony, January, 2016

Best of The Net Nomination 2015 in Fiction, Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal, Editor-In-Chief Shinjini Bhattacharjee, for “A Mermaid’s Purse Is Also Called A Devil’s Pocketbook.” 2015.

Judge, Southern Literary Festival 2015 Writing Contest, Short Fiction Category, University of North Georgia, Dahlonega, Georgia

Vermont Studio Center, March, 2015